Even those who have done a great deal of planning can face financial difficulties in life. In such a situation, filing for bankruptcy becomes a confusing and challenging task. At Waldman Grossfeld Appel & Baer, we have expert attorneys who are knowledgeable about all the new bankruptcy rules and regulations. We provide you with the support and guidance you need to get through the bankruptcy process smoothly. Our attorneys are accessible and provide services at affordable prices.

We are efficient in representing our clients in bankruptcy and insolvency situations. We can file two types of consumer bankruptcy claims for our clients. One of them is Chapter 7 or golden bankruptcy. The other is Chapter 12 or debt reorganization. Chapter 7 bankruptcy helps in eliminating most of the client’s debt. This clause allows the client to keep his assets and continue leading a normal life. In debt reorganization bankruptcy, the court helps the debtors who need time to pay off their debts. Our lawyers routinely address questions regarding our clients’ debt finances and securities to help them understand their respective rights.