If you or a loved one experiences an accident at work, the legal implications can be very complicated. The insurance carried by your employer has workers’ compensation, which should cover medical expenses from work-related injuries or illnesses. Workers’ comp also pays an injured or disabled employee most of their monthly salary while they are impaired. Any employee who has experienced a permanent injury could receive additional compensation to support their dependents.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen. There have been many cases where employers don’t supply workers’ compensation to their employees or employees are denied wage replacement or reimbursement for medical care. Fighting for workman’s comp can seem like another burden on top of your medical bills from your incident. If you haven’t received the compensation you deserve in Pasadena, MD, it’s time to get a workers’ compensation attorney. The lawyers from Waldman Grossfeld Appel & Baer are ready to fight for you.

When we work with you, you can expect our attorneys to:

  • Answer your questions and concerns throughout the process.
  • Build your case by finding all the information needed.
  • Help you recover and start anew.

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