We are experienced, aggressive personal injury attorneys serving Middle River, MD. At Waldman Grossfeld Appel & Baer we offer sound legal advice and guidance from the claim filing stage to settlement or through a trial. Our team of dedicated attorneys have successfully handled all types of personal injury cases and are prepared to assist you in yours. Dealing with insurance companies can be difficult for individuals. When you work with our lawyers, you have experienced and driven professionals who know how these cases should be handled and how to get you the best possible outcome.

Consult With Our Car Accident Lawyer

If you’ve been injured in a car accident and are seeking compensation for medical bills, lost
wages and other damages, it’s worth your while to speak with an experienced personal injury attorney. Auto accident and personal injury lawyers specialize in negotiating with insurance companies or, if need be, going to court to fight for your rights. We know what it takes to pursue your claim and make sure that you get everything that the law entitles you to. Our car accident attorneys can help you right from the start, file the claim in a timely manner, and hammer out the settlement details. Below are examples of expenses for which you can normally receive compensation:

  • Hospital bills
  • Property damage
  • Vehicle repairs
  • Lost wages
  • Car rental fees

When you work with our personal injury and auto accident attorneys, we’ll work hard to pursue your case, keep you regularly informed on the progress of your case and make sure that you receive everything that you deserve. As professional auto accident attorneys, we make your case our top priority and ensure that your rights are protected to the fullest extent of the law.

Contact Our Auto Accident Attorney’s Office

Waldman Grossfeld Appel & Baer is a trusted and experienced auto accident injury attorneys’ office that provides experienced and aggressive representation. If you have incurred expenses as a result of a car crash, there are steps you can take. Your first step should be to call our office near Middle River, MD at 410-687-7111 to schedule a free consultation with our car accident attorney.